About The Full-Stack Web Developer

The about cover image, by Javier Feliu, represents the full-stack web developer journey: analyze, design, develop, test, deploy, and maintain.
Leisurely exploring the software development world

As a full-stack web developer, you need proficiency in a wide range of software development skills. You need to understand the entire application stack and be able to convert the customer’s requirements into an application design. Moreover, you must be capable of turning your application design into deployed code that satisfies both your customer and the application’s users.

At a minimum, to be a competent full-stack web developer, you need to know a back-end language like Python, Ruby, or PHP. You should understand SQL and database design. You must be able to develop RESTful APIs, be familiar with best practices in security, and be able to write automated tests.

On the front-end, you must hold your own in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, be familiar with Node, and understand workflow automation tools like Gulp.

Finally, you should understand containerization and be able to deploy your applications to a cloud provider.

To master this wide range of skills takes years of study, dedication, and practice. To keep them up-to-date takes love for the craft, effort, and self-direction. The reward is great, though, since this discipline should keep satisfied even the most intellectually curious individual.

In Wander In Dev, I explore different aspects of full-stack web development. I hope that writing about these topics will help me gain deeper knowledge of the subject and that sharing my experiences will prove to be helpful for fellow developers.

I hope you enjoy this blog. Reach me at javier@wanderin.dev if you need to get in touch. Happy coding!

— Javier Feliu – November 1, 2019 —




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